Single & Double wide EZ Glidez

SINGLE WIDE EZ Trays Widths measuring up to 2 ft. (24 inches), built using sturdy natural (sealed) birch wood construction with an option to upgrade to a custom painted or stained finish. The full extension glides are rated at 100lb. capacity with lifetime warranty. DOUBLE WIDE EZ Trays Same as Single Wide EZ trays with Widths measuring between 2 and 3½ feet.

Blind Corner Unit (BCU)

Used as an alternative to the Lazy Susan, this one of a kind design is great for utilizing the most of your blind corner space that would normally be inaccessible. Constructed with 200 lb. capacity full extension glides, this unit is truly a back and knee saver that comes built with four fully accessible trays to maximize storage in an otherwise often forgotten space.

Lazy Susan

A set of swivel shelves (stacked), D-shape, Pie-shape or Kidney shape that rotate in your blind corner cabinet along a turntable. Natural wood or white polymer construction.